Friday, April 13, 2012


blah blah blah. busy busy busy. i'm super backed up. i still have stuff from the craft fair that are still packed and need to be listed on my shop. can't keep up with the "mom" groups i belong to on facebook. one group is for buying and selling which is great. i've been able to sell some unwanted stuff and that feels like progress in clearing up some space. i have finally gotten around to doing what i've been talking about for so long... up cycling. i have been up cycling beads, bows, and ribbon for some time now but now i've made stuff out of all the junk i've collected. stuff like hardware, bottle caps, game pieces, bullet casings, toilet paper rolls, etc. I'm sure my husband is happy to see those things leave his garage. there are a few craft fairs coming up. i'm hoping to do a few and am waiting to list any of my new stuff in hopes of selling them at a fair.

well this is all the time my toddler has allowed me, gotta go pay him attention.

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