Monday, April 23, 2012

ABC's and 123's

When my son was turning 2 back in November I wanted him to know how to blow out the candles and tell people he was 2 when asked. I repeatedly asked him "how old are you" then held up his 2 tiny little fingers and said "two". He caught on pretty quick but didn't want to show off at his party lol. Soon after I taught him to count to five. I pointed each finger while counting  and pretty soon he was counting the number of fingers I held up. Before I knew it he was counting to 10 and recognizing, and reciting numbers every time he see them. It was such a surprise when one day I caught him sitting on the floor counting his blocks!

I have been singing the ABC's to him since he was an infant. He has a foam mat and a few puzzles with the alphabet. I showed him the letters, named them, and he repeated. When he turned 2 he received a few more items with the alphabet and we really got to learning. He know, recognizes, and recites all the letters in the alphabet and has actually started to sing them recently. It's so awesome and when we are out and about people are impressed by how much he knows. Also, more recently he started singing twinkle twinkle little star which I think is amazing!!!

He's super good with his colors, foods and shapes. Even knows and says pentagon and trapezoid. Amazing right, I know!

I few things he says that are just too funny - "pick em up" when he wants someone to pick him up. "get outta here" "a boo boo hurts". "you ok?" when ever I say "ouch". "ahh watch out" this is hilarious when he's in the shopping cart. "help stuck" "i'm jumping" "i'm crying" so cute. "get way from me" lol and more recently "no, never". Seriously this kids cracks me up.

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