Monday, April 30, 2012

Craft Fair Day 1

This is day 1 of the 3 day craft fair I did. It was a bit slow for all of us vending but still it went really well. I'm so thankful to my mothers husband who helped me out all day. The 1st day was from 4-10.

 I used plastic tables cloths from walmart to make these curtains. I really like the way it came out.

 This is not exactly how I planned on setting up my display but it still drew attention, which is what matters.

This brush kept him busy while I was setting things up. It did have leaves when we first got there. Every time he plucked a leaf he ran over to me excitedly saying "I found a leaf!" He was so well behaved and had so much energy. He did not nap till we where on our way home.

This was my favorite part of the display. I got this frame along with a few others when I was working at the photography studio. I gave it to my mother law, she has had it for years and done nothing with it. I really want an ornate frame but didn't want to buy anything new and couldn't find one anyway. I asked her to have it and painted it white. 

 Being a good little boy.

 Live band. Good music.

I didn't expect this event to be this big.

 Friends my son made. The daughter kept coming over to check out my stuff.

The application to this event said electricity would not be provided so I assumed (like other vendors) the park would be lit at night. There were light post but the one near us was out. I was slightly annoyed that when we got there, there was electricity to be used. This was not the only misinformation I received about this event. I did have my solar power lanterns from Ikea, though I really like them, they were not enough. The ladies across from us lent us 2 little lights but they also where not fully prepared for this. A few of us did end up packing up and leaving a bit early but didn't miss much else apparently.

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