Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pom Poms... gone wrong

As if I don't have million other things that need to be finished I started another project last night. I have this tank top, it gets around. Got it over 3 years ago, wore it, I'm sure my sister has worn it once or twice, gave it to my mother. It has a hole or maybe two and recently she was discarding it. Needless to say I took it back and have been saving it for some up cycling. When ever my son sees the shirt he says "nana" and wants to wear it. For me it was amazing that he remembered her wearing it and knows it's hers. I'm starting to feel bad because it has been cut up and still he want me to put it on him. So I do, and it has holes and is missing pieces, and yet he happily wears it around the house because it's "nana"s". I digress. I intended to cut it into strips and make braided bracelets with button clasp. Last night I tried making some pom poms. Failed! Well I made them but they aren't very nice. 

 They could have been so cute. 

 Was going to use them for hair clips, but um, that wont work.

 This didn't come out as I hope either.

Well at least my fabric covered buttons rings came out nice. Made a few in different patterns/ colors and some matching ear studs. Maybe one day I'll get around to adding them to my shop, along with a bunch of other items that are waiting to be listed. And just realized I need to cut and shape my nails.

Now to take my son Easter egg hunting. Enjoy your weekend!

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