Sunday, December 11, 2011


A couple of mothers and I took our little ones to Weekie Wachee Springs state park for their Winter Waterland event. We had a blast. My son learned how to say "mermaid". It's the first time he heard it and says it so perfect and clearly (I'm so proud of him). It's not as clear but he has started to say his own name after hearing the girls call for him so many times. Of course I left my camera in the car but my friend did manage to get a few pics with her cell.

These were taken with her cell...
 Underwater dancers.

 The Mermaids.

My little guy and I.

We went back to the cars and I grabbed my camera and took a few more pics because of course I didn't have a memory card.
 He was so interested in her tail. He's looking at it in every picture.


 Still looking at it.

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