Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Needs Updating!

So we've been in our home for a little over 5 months and I am just itching to change so many things. This house was built in 1989 and there's no denying it. The theme of the house is peach and teal with teal rug throughout. This rug was pretty much a deal breaker for me but was promised it would have it changed as soon as possible. It is stain old and ugly. The previous owners were in their 90's and it defiantly looks like granny lived here. Our kitchen and bathrooms have peach and teal Formica cabinets (yuck!). There are even peach and teal curtain and blinds on the windows. I guess this was a very popular color in the late 80's. All the fixtures are old and there's a lot of updating to be done. I took some pictures of all the things I'd like change with in the next 6mths.

This bath room has teal cabinets. Even the blinds and valance are teal.

living room fan (so 80's, gots to go)

guest bedroom

living room (peach blinds and hand sewn curtains)

kitchen nook (light fixture has to go)

dining room (even the chandeliers are teal)

Entry way/foyer (there is peach tile here)

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