Saturday, July 30, 2011

Garage Sale and Stuff...

So today we had a garage sale. It was blazing hot out side but had a pretty good turn out. Made a couple of bucks and got rid of a few more things crowding our garage. I have a separate box of things to be taken to the salvation army/ good will that I haven't gotten around to taking because I really don't want to go out in the heat with the little one less I have too. I'll keep adding to the box and when my hubby comes home he can take it and get it out of my face, lol.

After the garage sale me and the little guy played in his pool for a while. It is a surprisly spacious 120in. X 72in. "family pool". I love it and so does he. It's big enough to satisfy me and small enough to satisfy my husband (he didn't want to get one of those large inflatable pools because of maintenance).

The previous owners of our home left behind lots of stuff most of which we tried to sell today. There are a couple of other vintage items that I'd really like to post on my etsy.

My son is sleeping right now. My husband and I are planning on having another child soon. My son still nurses so I offend wonder how I'll be able to handle being pregnant and still breast feeding. I do kinda look forward to tandem nursing though. There's also the matter of my husband being a over the road truck driver. We wanted to wait till he had a local job before having another child so that I wouldn't be alone while pregnant and raising our son. Am I up for the challenge?

Oh btw my son is 20mths today!

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