Friday, August 31, 2012


Packaging oh packaging. So I have tried to keep prices and shipping cost low by making earring/ necklace cards and putting them in plastic zipper bags and this has worked.

Then I bought these cute little pouches which I love. I've started wrapping them in tissue paper and sealing with a sticker. I have a bunch of blank stickers from years ago and will either print/ stamp my shop name, thank you notes, etc. I really enjoy cutting out little squares rounding the corners and adding trim with decorative paper punches. I like it so much I think I'm going to start paper crafting.

I only used small boxes when something is delicate, since it cost more to ship then what I charge. I've decided though to use boxes more offend now for jewelry especially for sets. I added a little decorative sleeve to dress them up a bit. I especially like the way the small kraft boxes look and maybe it's just me but pulling that little sleeve off to open the box makes it extra fun and special, lol. I also like that I am finally getting around to using all the scrapbook paper I bought a while back, plus one sheet goes all long way. Don't those tiny buttons look so adorable in that box!?! Add the little sleeve and it is just the cutest little package. The earring cards are up cycled card board. I like to upcycle when ever possible, it cuts down on cost but most importantly reduces waste.


I'm still working on/ upgrading my packaging but so far am happy with it.

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