Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Swag" for Etsy Craft Party

Tomorrow is the world wide Etsy Craft Party. I will be attending the one in Tampa's Ybor City which is being organized by a friend and a couple other people. There will be vendors, music, food, and of course crafts. I'm sure it will be an awesome free family event. The first hundred people will receive a free swag bag filled with goodies from etsy sellers. The "swag" I contributed was simply a coupon code for my shop and can be used in all of my etsy shops.

Here are a few pics of my handmade "swag". I printed, trimmed, punched, and folded a whole mess of these little match book type thingies.

 The back has the link to my shop and a coupon code.

My mother the wonderful person that she is stapled 2 individually wrapped life savers into 80+ booklets. She is always such a great help.

Even the little guy helped out by packing them the bag for mommy.

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