Monday, May 21, 2012

craft fair

This past Saturday I did another craft fair. I shared a space with a a couple of buddies and didn't have to pay any vendor fees since I was providing the canopy (sweet). It was a great day overall but not a very good day for vending. There were not many attendees and the other vendors didn't seem to be getting much action either. I honestly do not mind at all. It was nice to hang out with some new people and most importantly it was awesome for my son to interact with other kids. I was so happy at how well they played together and really glad he enjoyed himself. He did have his moments though. He was very, very upset about not being able to spend the whole day in the bounce house.

I didn't take any pictures of our set up, I suppose I was preoccupied with having such a good time. Here are a few pics I do have. As you can see I went through a few of ideas for display.


We had two large tables, so my display ending up looking much different then this which I am happy about. My necklace display got blown over by the wind. This sweet little kid rushed over and asked if he could help. Later on one of the kids knocked into the table and the 3 tired display went crashing to the ground. I def need to think up some new sturdier display ideas.

 This is pretty much how I packed up everything.

We woke up a little later then I wanted. I really did not want to waste any time trying to "force" him to get dress and I knew once we got there dressing him would be a breeze, so in the carseat he went with just a diaper. I gave him that bag of cookies and he just stared at it till he fell back to sleep lol.

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