Friday, September 2, 2011

No More Sippy Cups...

...Well at least not when we're riding in the car. After reading this article and freaking out that such a thing could happen to my little boy I went looking for a soft water bottle of some sort. I came across VAPUR - The Anti-Bottle.

It came in the mail yesterday. I wonder though why such a big box was needed to mail this. I'm sure a padded envelope would had suffice. 

It was a little difficult for him to use it at first since the water just pours out as appose to being sucked out. It's like a capri sun juice pouch minus the straw. I wish he could use a straw with it cause he's a pro at that. He was getting to much water and a spilling it. Either that our he was spitting it out since water rolling down your chin and neck and soaking your shirt is sooo much fun. He's gotten the hang of it already though.


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