Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mini Blog When I Was Preggo - Part 1

My son's birthday is a little less then 2 months away so naturally I've been thinking a lot about my pregnancy and birth. I have been wanting to tell our birth story but can't get started and don't really know where to start. I thought maybe it's be best to start with the mini blogs I was posting on myspace when I was pregnant, so I guess here I go....

May 30, 2009
2 Months 
Current Mood: Ecstatic

Mid February Stu started to really consider my thoughts on starting a family. After a few days of discussion and lots of terrifying research (videos of child labor) that almost turned me off  to the whole idea we agreed to try.

After getting my period the first time around I did a little more research (finding out my fertile days etc.) After trying again I could not wait to be late so at 4 weeks I tested and it came out a faint positive. At 5 weeks I tested again and it was a definite positive.

At what I thought was 9 weeks had a sonogram and the doctor measured the baby figuring I was 9 weeks and 3 days which would mean we were actually successful the last day we tried before getting my period. 
This is the first sonogram of our little bundle of joy.

May 18, 2009
3 Months
Current Mood: Relaxed

so today we went to a new closer doctor. i had a sonogram done. it was a very enlarged image of our baby. the baby was very active and waving back at us. we were able to hear the heart beat and apparently i am further along then what was first thought.

the doctor is almost certain what the sex of the baby is but i will wait till my next visit to be sure before spilling the beans.

Second sonogram, doc is pretty sure of the sex

June 15, 2009
4 Months
Current Mood: Smitten

On Friday we were expecting to have sonogram done that would determine the sex of the baby for sure, instead we only got to hear the heart beat and have to wait another month.

Ahhh, I need to know. I want to order a maternity belly ring online before I have to remove my current one but don't know what color to get.

June 27, 2009
Current Mood: ecstatic 

So since about 16 weeks or so I have been feeling movement in my tummy and it felt like what I have read (fluttering, etc.) but I wasn't quite sure if it was the baby or if it was gas lol. They have been getting stronger and feel like bubbles popping, still kind of like gas but different.

Most recently while laying quietly I can feel the baby moving around as though he's trying to get comfortable. Yesterday while laying in bed trying to fall asleep I rested my hands on my lower abdomen between my hip bones and I surely felt the baby move it's way between my hands as if I was crowding it.

Today I felt 2 very strong kicks or punches. It felt like the baby was trying to punch it's way through. I had my mother lay down with me and had her put one hand on one side of my abdomen while mines on the other. I thought we'd be waiting there a while but soon enough the baby kicked her hand and her reaction was of such love, joy, and amazement.

July 1, 2009
It's A Boy
Current Mood: smitten

It's seems like so long ago I went to my second prenatal visit and the doctor said that it looks like I was having a boy but that we should wait before spilling the beans for it was still a little early.
I have been longing for this day. Today it was confirmed.
Sonogram confirming it's a boy

July 6, 2009
5 Months
Current Mood: blissful

Half Way There...

I have been thinking about where I was 5 or so months ago.

I was talking to a former friend about how I really wanted to start trying to have a baby. It came up a few times between Stu and I but for him it wasn't the right time (mostly he was concerned with finances). He wanted me to be able a stay at home mom.

So anyway mid February I brought the idea to the table again and again he seemed unsure. He came home one day, we spoke, and we started trying for a baby. I was excited to say the least but I'm very superstitious, and felt that if I wanted this too much it would not happen or take forever, or that he would change his mind lol.

The first month of being pregnant I didn't feel like anything. No symptoms or signs other then frequent urination (but even that wasn't much of a bother). Oh wait I was extremely irritable but I don't know for sure if that was due to the hormones or if I was just being my self reacting to what was going on at the time. Any who.

Then came complete exhaustion all the time. I felt as if the baby was sucking the life out of me. Seriously! Luckily that has been the extent of my pregnancy woes.

I kept waiting to show and around 4 months I started to develop a little plump, but nothing noticeable so it was kinda disappointing. But now at 5 months you can definitely see a baby bump but I'm wondering since I'm so small still if I'm just looking fat to the outside world. Anyway some how I don't really care, I am very proud of my changing body and why it is changing.

I have been thinking about where I have been in the last 5 or so months. Lots has happened, all for the better (though at the time it didn't seem as so.) 

I'm super duper happy and I couldn't ask for more or less then what I got.

Oh and my husband is the absolute best.

July 9, 2009
There's a Human growing inside me!

Sometimes I sit and think about what I'm actually doing... and the thought can be mind boggling. There is a person growing inside me.  I am creating life. I know that child bearing is the most natural and normal thing I can possibly ever do, but at times the feeling is so odd and unreal.

I can feel him moving inside me as he settles into my lower abdomen. I can feel him getting comfortable after a big meal. He's kicks and punches tell me he's ok and lets me know I'm getting closer to holding him in my arms.

Every movement reminds me of the love me and my husband have for each other.

There's no greater gift that we can give each other then to come together and share in the creation of this miracle.

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