Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini Blog When I Was Preggo - Part 2

My son's birthday is a little less then 2 months away so naturally I've been thinking a lot about my pregnancy and birth. I have been wanting to tell our birth story but can't get started and don't really know where to start. I thought maybe it's be best to start with the mini blogs I was posting on myspace when I was pregnant, so I guess here I go....

July 29, 2009

Let's see...

I got a new maternity belly ring with a little blue pacifier

I got a maternity pillow, well more like a wedge that is suppose to keep me in place but some how I still end up on my back

rearranging my house and clearing out the clutter

I have been clearing out the nursery making room for the baby

shopping around for nursery furniture (crib is on it's way)

letting by gones be by gones

enjoying a new group of people

becoming a more positive person

still researching philosophy and inspirational quotes

hating the heat and living on the third floor

ordered a more appropriate bathing suit

wondering if wearing a bikini is distasteful for preggos

went canoeing which was a very nerve wrecking physically stressful event due to the fear of all the alligators i saw

got new much needed sneakers and flip flops

got some new house hold items

did a little clothes shopping

took some maternity pictures
August 8, 2009

Current mood:  smitten 
Where does the time go!?! Do I seriously only have less the 3 months to go?

His kicks are getting stronger, I can see them through my clothes. Sometimes it feels like he's rolling around in there other times I swear he's pissed at me. It feels like he's laying on his back kicking upward as if he's having a temper tantrum other something.

Already I do feel immense love and closeness to this baby I have yet to meet. 
September 5,2009

Current mood:  anxious
has it already been seven months!?!

there hasn't been any huge changes in the past month, expect for becoming larger.

last Wednesday i did vomit. it was the first time in this entire pregnancy. i had an empty stomach and was in the middle of preparing breakfast. all of a sudden i got these really bad hunger type pangs and rushed to the bathroom... talk about acid indigestion. about 6 or so years ago i was ill and was told by a doctor that i had an excess amount of acid in my stomach he gave it a name and everything i never took anything for it and when i got better i forgot all about it till this happened.

i finally gave in to buying a larger bra size but it seems i've should have waited a tad bit longer lol. i did mange to buy a few tops but can't seem to find some nice fitting bottoms to go with them, besides black or gray leggings. I don't even want to look at long pants... it's far too hot and i'm far too uncomfortable as it is.

September 8, 2009
8 Months 
Holy Shit! 8 friggin months.

acid reflux if i lay even awhile after eating.

tired, aching feet and legs.

line running down stomach curves around belly ring which amuses me.

belly button some what out... also amusing to me.

mother calls me Bertha butt... sis is amazed at my growing ass and areolas, lmfao.

waist lines are over rated!

want to deliver at birth center.

concerns about my low lying placenta.

can't decide on baby's name.

choose to go to birth center, is it too late in pregnancy to switch maternity care?

placenta is low but not in the way or at all a concern.

wondering if it's too late to go to birth center.

feeling clueless and confused.

planning on natural birth or at least as little intervention as possible. 
November 1, 2009
37 weeks, only a few short weeks to go.

I get twinges in my lower regions and great pains in my upper thigh area where my thigh meets my hip.

He makes quick jerky movements that are rather painful.

I can't get in a comfortable position and don't sleep well at night.

When I'm able to sleep I have odd dreams.

I wanted a water birth at a birth center but didn't know that i could actually have that as an option or where to look.

Late in pregnancy I learned my options but felt it was too late to make the switch. Here I am almost 38 weeks and I now have a Midwife.

God willing I will have a natural home water birth. I live less then 10 minutes from the hospital if anything medical attention is needed.

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  1. thanks for sharing this. i enjoyed reading all about it.


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