Monday, April 2, 2012

Going through that box of embroidery floss and knitting supplies prompted me to go through and organized some of my stash. Here are some pics of a few things I rediscovered.

  bunch of ribbon that I've only used very little of. I really like that stripe ribbon. used it for this brooch and this one. Oh and I've used some of that red ribbon here.

 these were all from some sort of packing, gift bags, etc. I figure they could be up cycled.

 Some bows from packaging. I had a few others and used one for this necklace I made back in January for St. Patrick's Day. Oh BTW it's one sale now, you should go check it out :). I'll probably make more necklaces like it.

 The tulle was bought 3 years ago (sheesh) for my wedding. I've been getting around to using it for things like my fabric covered rings.

I think these plastic bags are my favorite, especially that blue polka dot one. I've been pro casting the project that are are (for no good reason) but I might finally get around to using them.

I wonder what I'll find if I keep searching through my unorganized  mess of craftiness.

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