Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1st Fair

Last week I mentioned how I happened upon a craft fair and rented a space. Here are a few pics.

 I like the idea of having this small book case on top of the table to give it more height and create more space but was concerned about having so much stuff to unload and set up.

I really liked the idea of this but saved myself the stress and figured I'll do it next time when I have more time to prepare.

When this idea was done I really liked it. The necklaces looked really pretty hanging in between the doilies but I decided not to go this route either.

This is what my table ended up looking like. I was done setting up with an hour to spare, so I made a few more things and added them afterwards. My little doily banner did not last long. The wind kept blowing the table cloth up and the double sided tape did not hold, so I just took it down.

 I started a bunch of these the night before and finished them off during the fair.

I found a paper punch in this lace pattern and thought it was perfect. I did all these cards plus a bunch for my studs the night before as well.My mother kindly punched all the little white paper bags I bought for packaging.

 I think I'm gonna get another one of these towers just because I like it so much and think two would great on my table!

 Next time I think I'll have a few of these standing on the table instead. 

 I moved things around as things got sold.

 I love this earring and necklace tree and might paint it white.
This is me, proud, and having a good time.

There were four of us right next to each other. Oddly enough I walked around speaking with other vendors but did not speak to my neighbors. I had my mother and son with me and it was a great experience for all of us. I really like the venue. There was an area not being used but had some seating and from time to time my mother or myself took the little one over and he enjoyed running around and climbing. There were other kids there and was really just a nice out door event for everyone!

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