Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty Training

So potty training is in full swing and has been for weeks now. Actually I don't like to say potty "training" I like to say "he's learning to use the potty" but after bragging about it so much it gets to be to long to say.

So here's how it started... He was 1 year and 25 days when we gave him a potty for Christmas. Of course he had no clue what to do with it but we figured it would be good for him to get used to seeing, touching, and even playing with so to not be afraid or intimidated by it. So that's what he did, offend taking off the little cushion seat and biting on it (not happy about that).

A few months later still pretty much the same was going on. Whenever I went to the bathroom I would tell him "mommy is going to the potty" "do you have to go to the potty?". One day my husband showed him how to sit on the potty but faced him backwards figuring it would be easier if he was basically straddling the potty (yeah we'll add that to the list of bright ideas). Needless to say our son had a hard time getting on the seat that way. So hubby went back on the road and I was left to correct all that wrongness.

Fast forward a few months because I just don't remember anything till recent. I do remember a few times I would ask him if he had to use the potty and he would say "no potty" I thought it was the cutest thing! So anyway he started getting a lot more naked time. I mean I would hate to have to be in plastic panties all day and figured a good airing out would be good for his tiny tush. There were accidents, and every time I would tell him that he did pee pee and he has to do his pee pee in the potty.

I started paying more attention to him when he was naked so I could take him to the potty before the accident. I still don't know when he is about to pee (I think it's pretty obvious when any baby is about to poo though lol). So basically a few times he started peeing and it's super loud on the floor (or at least it seems loud cause really what you're hearing is a mess being made) and it would startle me and I would shout which would startle him and make him stop mid stream, at which point I'd rush him to the potty and sit him down. At first he was still a bit confused (poor thing, mommy scared him) but I let him know it was ok and eventually he would finish in the potty no problem. A few times after he was finished he would stand up and take the bowl out spilling the urine (good God!). But I would just clean it and explain to him how he can't do that putting emphase on the word "mess" and he understands that that is not good. About a week later he was rushing to the potty on his own. He did have a few accidents but they were always when he was on his way to the potty. Sometimes he just could not make it in time. I praised him anyway and was proud because he was learning and was trying his best.

For me this next part breaks my heart. My poor, poor son. He had to pee and I suppose he was trying to rush to me to let me know since the potty wasn't near by. He slipped and fell in his own urine. He was hurt and cried but ultimately he was ok. I think mostly he cried because he didn't make it on time. I comforted him, my poor baby. After that I brought the potty to whatever room he was going to be playing in and we haven't had any accidents since. I think I might get a another potty or two so he'll always have easy access to one.

He is too small I think to use an adult toilet. We bought an adult toilet seat that has a toddler seat attached and though he can climb up and down I don't trust him to do so. He is always getting hurt because he is too brave and adventurous. When he is a little bigger and has better comprehension we'll switch him to the big potty.

He's going on 27mths and I think he's learning and progressing very well. The next thing to teach him is that when he is wearing clothes he has to pull his pants and underwear down to pee. I'm working on it but I guess if something is covering his tush he thinks he can go ahead and pee. Luckily we haven't had any real messes with poo but I am anticipating them.

I'm super proud and happy with my boy!

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