Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nature in my back yard!

While walking into the kitchen I glanced out the window and see this huge bird in my yard! I right away thought is was a vulture but I'm more then sure it was a hawk. It was just standing there. Creepy! Ran to get my camera but on the way back had my son in my arms (because this kid just doesn't give me a break, lol). I'm guessing the bird could hear us because it flew away. I could see something in the grass but thought nothing of it, because from where I was standing it just kinda looked like an ugly, dead patch of grass. I few minutes later it circled around then left again. I went into the dining room, sat down, then saw it again through the window facing the front of the house so I ran to look out back. This time there were two. They quickly circled, one swooped down grab what ever is was that was laying there (gross) and flew away.

Seriously hope that never happens while we're out there.

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