Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I've been up too...

Not much of a difference but I changed out the valance (thanks mom for letting me borrow it). Don't you just love those tiny feet!!!

 Bought this mirror at Kirkland's a few weeks ago. I didn't really like the gold trim, not that there is anything wrong  with it but not the look I was going for. It was on sale, the perfect size and nothing a spray can couldn't fix.

 Finally got around to painting it and I love the way it looks now. Now to decide if I want to hang it horizontally or vertically. Either way I'm waiting for the hubby to do this. When I hung it the first time I hurt my back, because I nearly dropped this monster.

 started painting the trim

 sanding these down, applying wood filler, and painting these was a job an a half.

 haven't gotten any further then this. 

Each bag was on clearance at Micheals for less then a buck so I had to get them though I didn't know what I would use them for. The next couple of pictures is what I ended up doing with them.

book case

sideboard in dining
 I love the way this jar looks. It's an apothecary jar on top of a spray painted candle stick.
Christmas ornament made from cute little bows and up cycled chandelier crystals.

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