Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2nd Birthday Celebration

I knew I wanted to have a circus/ carnival theme party for my son's 2nd birthday party but didn't want to spend a lot of money. We bought my son the Little Tykes Endless Adventure Rock Climber and Slide. It was on sale plus we got $10 off it. I knew it would be a hit so I figured I wouldn't stress myself with carnival games since most of the kids are still very young. I did intend to have a photo booth (which was poorly executed due to last minute planning but to my surprise was still enjoyed by the attendees) and face painting which never happened but probably for the best (paint and small kids...no bueno). I did manage to hang some circus like decor and serve some circus/ carnival themed finger foods.

All in all I think that everything turned out wonderful. We had a great turn out. I'm super proud and happy of the work I put in. I'm extremely grateful to my mother who made most of the food served and to my hubby who helped me with everything. We are especially thankful to everyone who was there celebrating with us.

 My boys working on the climber.

I made a whole bunch of chocolate covered pretzel sticks with sprinkles and they were devoured by the kids.

Deviled eggs made by mom.  

Pigs in blankies made by mom. 

Mini corn dogs made by mom.

I bought bags of cotton candy and divided them into little baggies and used scrap book paper from  Micheals to finish them off. The kids ate most of the bags before I could take this pic.

Photo booth. We used big glasses, clown noses, and such.

The curtains are plastic table cloths I bought from Walmart. I made the pennant banner from paper from Micheals. 

I used pop corn bags from the Dollar Tree as goodie bags. I filled them with pixie sticks, circus tattoos,  and other fun vintage type candy. The huge lollipops were also from Micheals.


 I love my mini cupcakes made with my Babycakes cupcake maker.

 Isn't this just the cutest!?!


  1. wow, it looks so cute and most of all so special because it looks like you put a lot of effort into everything. i'm sure he had a great birthday. i like the red.


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