Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I hate these rugs. This teal rug was a deal breaker for me, along with the peach and teal Formica cabinets.  When we toured this house the rugs were totally turning me off. I didn't want to buy this house because of the rugs and cabinets. My husband assured me they would be changed and I wouldn't have to wait 10 years for it. When we had our final walk through it was worse then I thought. All the furniture was gone and were they once stood was outlined in dog urine. I wanted them gone before we moved in. Didn't happen. My hubby rented a steam cleaner and it kept my complaining to a minimal for like a month. Maybe I was being a big ol  ungrateful brat but I hated living here with these rugs.  We had someone come and professionally clean the rugs for $120 and it was a total waste. A few days after the stains started to show again. So after 5 months of bitching finally we are going to get new flooring put in.

I went to Lowe's and one other place and decided to just go with Lowe's. I don't feel like doing a lot of shopping around I already found what I like and don't want to give my self any more options, just so I can spend forever being indecisive. I had planned to have hardwood installed but after talking with an associate I learned that laminate is a lot more durable. Oh and it's like more then half the price so, laminate it is. Having them install it will double the cost so my hubby with the help of his cousin are going to do the job. They have both worked in the construction industry so I can count on a good job.

I'm super excited and know that I will love this house (and my husband lol) even more once we destroy this rug.


  1. that's exciting. i hope you post before and after pics.

  2. i def will. I still have to wait a few weeks though.


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