Friday, May 20, 2011


I did so much cleaning today and feel like i got a lot done. I was up late, late, late last night (or really till early morning). Me and the little one woke up around lunch time. I made him eggs and a fruit salad. I'm proud of him for eating all his eggs. I feel as though I was doing laundry all day which is usually how it feels. It was super hot and bright out, perfect for hanging clothes out to dry and letting the boy run around while doing so. Mom and step farther came over since then have to watch my son for a while tonight. Mother made dinner. My sweet little boy is getting so good at using his little fork and feeding himself. He ate most everything I served him (rice, beans, chicken) and then had a slice of water melon for desert. He loves water melon. After wards him and grandma played and chased each other around. I love watching them have fun together. Then he had his bath and his leche and is peacefully sleeping now. I finally finish today's laundry. The last load was clothes given to us for Elijah by our friends. Elijah has lots of clothes. I love shopping for him, so does my husband. He's got plenty of shoes too. But I don't mind when he gets hand me downs. They are usually clothes he'll have to grow into which is great. And when he grows out of them I'll hand them down to someone else or donate to goodwill/ salvation army. In a bit I will be leaving for about 2.5 hours and I hope he stays sleeping as long as possible. If he wakes he'll want to breast feed and I won't be there. It breaks my heart to leave him for any amount of time so usually I don't but tonight I think it's best to leave home without out him. Driving late and pulling over to feed a screaming baby in a dark parking lot is never fun or safe really.

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